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Views from My Hotel Window

John Scalzi frequently posts photos of the view from his various hotel windows, and it’s one of my favorite categories of his blog. Travel is often about the highlights of a given place, but hotel windows do not always look out on the best a city has to offer. It’s like the difference between watching a high-end runway fashion show, and people-watching at the local mall. You see all kinds of things.

My recent trip involves a different kind of “hotel” and features views with a mix of the local mall-type spots, tourist spots, and the best of nature. We were on a cruise through the Panama Canal. My hotel window is the view from our balcony. We didn’t have internet on the ship, so you’re getting all of it at once – a selection of the best. I’ll come back in another post with more photos of the trip.

Starting at the beginning: Leaving Ft. Lauderdale.

View from HW - PCC Ft. Lauderdale.jpg

Below is a day at sea – I think we’re in the Caribbean by now. A few whitecaps show things were a little bouncy, which usually means good sleeping for me.

View from HW - PCC Mar 2 at sea

The next two photos are the port in Aruba, which is kind of touristy AND local mall-ish. Of course, ports are working places for the movement of cargo and people. Aesthetics is not the primary purpose.

View from HW - PCC Mar 3 Aruba

View from HW - PCC Mar 3 Aruba 2

Below are a couple pictures showing our approach to Cartegana, Columbia. The city and bay are stunning as you come in.

View from HW - PCC Mar 4 CarteganaView from HW - PCC Mar 4 Cartegana 2

This is a picture of Lake Gatun, at the top of the Panama Canal. I have LOTS of pictures of the canal, but not many from our stateroom. We spent most of the day out on deck watching our passage through the locks. It was beyond fascinating. Lake Gatun is the middle passage – after the first locks have raised the ship, we sail across the lake to the locks that will lower the ship down to the Pacific. The city in the distance is Panama City.

View from HW - PCC Mar 6 Lake Gatun

A sunset picture. We were lucky to be on the port side of the ship and were facing west as we sailed up the coast of Central America. The sunsets were spectacular.

View from HW - PCC Mar 7

View from HW - PCC March 12View from HW - PCC March 11

I missed getting pictures of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. We sailed into Costa Rica before I was awake and it was dark, anyway. The captain canceled our stop in Nicaragua due to rough seas at the port.

Our next port was Cabo San Lucas. I took this as we approached – a picture of the famous Arch Rock. You might have to expand the photo to see the arch.

View from HW - PCC Mar 12 Cabo And finally, our return home. Another working port, but a great view on a foggy morning. Time to get the jackets back out!

View from HW - PC cruise


Another Travel Post

We are still in the midst of visiting family. Today, we are back in Oceanside, after our six-day stay with my stepson and his family. We had a great time running around the old mining towns of southern Arizona, and introducing the grandkids to cowboys, horses, and… dust. Lots and lots of dust.

I do not like southern Arizona, but that is not what this post is about.

To be honest, this post is not about much more than just checking in. I feel like I’ve been out of touch for months. So, *waves* “Hi everyone! Been missing you!”

I have been checking in and leaving the occasional comment here and there. But mostly, when I manage to get online, I just do a quick check-and-delete of email, responding only to the few that require attention. Same with Facebook and my hugemongis list of subscribed blogs.

I didn’t get much writing done this week. Closer to none, actually. Just a couple paragraphs. The week before, I added a few thousand words, which encouraged me lots. I’m still floundering around Bridgebuilder’s plot, which I think I misplaced. I’m sure I’ll find it again, though. I worked for a bit on the timeline for it, cleaning up the action, moving around a few scenes, and seeing where new scenes need to go. And of course, figuring out the ending. No, I haven’t done that yet, thanks-for-asking.

Just to prove I’ve been doing otherwise occupied, here’s a couple vacation photos for you to enjoy.