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Net Neutrality or Just Slow. What are the Solutions?

We’ve had major internet problems for months. We’re in the middle of the San Francisco Bay Area, suburban, but surrounded on all sides by around 500,000 people. We’ve been Comcast customers for years.

Nearly everyday, we either lose internet completely – several times a day – or it’s so slow, our routine is to click on a web page and go do something else. Often, the page never comes up all the way. Or we get messages saying the website is unsafe, or doesn’t appear to be working, or nonsense like that. You’d think it was still 1998 or something.

Comcast helpfully sends out technicians who look at wires outside and pass the problem up the chain to different technicians. We are constantly assured that the problem will be fixed soon. We’ll have a few days of good connection, then ho-hum, back to slowville.

What to do? I’m not sure AT&T would be any better, and I don’t know of any other options around here. So this article got my eye.

At the moment, we supposedly have net neutrality, but you’d never know it if you lived in our house. We have few options and no voice in the service we get. And if net neutrality does go away, we lose big time. So a local co-op sounds like an interesting idea. But I don’t know how it would work, especially around here. Wouldn’t the co-op have to use Comcast’s or AT&T’s infrastructure? How independent would it really be?

Does anyone know about this? What other options are there for us?


Engadget: I’m too out of shape for virtual reality

I was nodding along as I read this article. Despite my frequent long walks and 3-day-a-week gym habit, I am in pretty bad shape. My cardio routine is a joke and there’s a good reason for that. I absolutely hate exercise. There is no such thing as a runner’s high for me – it’s never happened and I don’t expect it to. I grouse my way through 90 minutes at the gym, doing the least I can get away with.

Nevertheless, I do love to move. Dance, for instance. Let me jump around to music and I’m happy. I sort of halfway like the rowing machine at the gym. It could just use a VR program to go with it so I have something to look at besides the blue wall 5 feet in front of me.

And wouldn’t that be cool, to have a VR program for the rowing machine? White water rafting, with no way to get wet or fall out of the raft. That’s my style!

So like Sean Buckley over an Engadget, I really want a solid VR experience in my life. It sounds fun – I can pretend I’m Katniss or Arwen or somebody. I would gladly get an hour workout that really works me out for a change. This goes on my birthday wish list, now, please.