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Here’s a Good Description of a Workable Food System

Let me repost this blog for your reading pleasure. Chew on this idea: https://medium.com/@cnative100/vegetarian-diets-are-not-going-to-save-the-planet-4f50d0c1f8cf#.r6ef0ib8i

I think there’s a bit of unnecessary snarkiness in the article, but the idea is exactly right, if you couple it with Pollan’s mantra: “Eat real food. Mostly plants. Not too much.”

A side benefit of this kind of food system is reduced diabetes, reduced heart disease, reduced obesity, reduced cancer, and reduced other autoimmune disorders. Which means cheaper health care.

How can that be bad?



Farmer Reveals the Surprising Potential of Pulses: Healthy, Low-Cost Protein for All

Farmers around the world are quietly preparing for a surge in demand for the lowly lentil.

Source: Farmer Reveals the Surprising Potential of Pulses: Healthy, Low-Cost Protein for All

Where Did I Put the Wine?

In the Happy News Department, my latest blood test reveals a normal, healthy liver! Enzymes are back down where they’re supposed to be, so I guess I can write off the crazy-high numbers of a few months ago as part of the general stress of the time with the complication of massive doses of pain meds for a hurt back.

Where did I put the wine? Bring it on, folks!

Except… I kind of like not drinking every day. I know, I know, but there it is. I may drink when we go out or we’re visiting people, but otherwise… meh.

And I’ve found a really cool “mocktail” that’s perfect for those times I’d really like a martini or something, but want to stay clean. I never thought I’d find anything to substitute because I don’t like sodas or juices. I’m kind of hard to please in that regard. But Jack Monroe, aka, A Girl Called Jack, mentioned something she discovered at a London restaurant. I had to give it a try and by golly, I like it! The latest craze: Vinegar Sodas!

That’s it for the ingredients, too. Soda water and vinegar. I use two teaspoons to about 8 oz sparkling water and ice. Give it a try, with any good vinegar you have hanging around. I’ve been making mine with a sherry vinegar, but I will try out the others in my cabinet: red wine, white wine, champagne, cider… the more exotic the vinegar, the more exotic the drink!

I may start asking for this at restaurants. Pour it in a fancy glass, add a pretty garnish, and I’m fitting right in with the social crowd.

With no complaints from my liver.


How Goes the Diet (…er, Food Lifestyle)?

As we all know, dieting does not work, at least in the long term. If you want to keep the weight off, think, lifestyle. You have to eat real and healthful food (and not too much of it) for the rest of your life.

Himself is fond of saying that he might not live to an old age, it will just feel like it.

Perhaps. Or we can truly enjoy the “real and healthful” food. I enjoy it and I love to cook it and experiment with it. Food porn always gets my attention. The kale as much as the cupcakes.


The report: I’ve lost four pounds in the last week and that includes a dinner out with friends. I know four pounds in one week is more than is recommended, but I hasten to say that I have not been hungry at all. I’ve had cravings, sure enough, but not hunger.  A couple of times I conquered the cravings by eating an apple. A couple of times I conquered them by eating bread and peanut butter, which put that day’s calories about 300 over the top.

Win some, lose some, right? I’m not aiming for perfection. I’m easy on myself like that.

I do not have a lot of hope for next week. I’m already drooling over pictures of eggnog and cookies. I’m planning Christmas brunch for my kids, and thoughts of Gingerbread French Toast and glazed ham are keeping me awake at night. Rainy evenings leave me longing for a hot toddy of whiskey and lemon, or mulled wine. It’s time to make the Pizzelles, which are a traditional nod to my Italian blood. I must raise a glass of Bailey’s in toast to my Irish friends.

That just gets us through Christmas. Can’t wait for New Year’s Eve.

I will do my best to eat reasonably. However, I will not avoid the fun stuff.

Life is too short. No matter how old I live to be.


Manage Your Sugar Cravings for Optimum Health! | The Flexi Foodie

This short article has some good tips. Sugar is something I always crave. No matter how much I try to eat well, I almost always have a sweet snack during the day. Sometimes more than one. I do try to use honey for most things, and I’m also trying to eat fruit (without added sugar) instead of a cookie or such. I’m doing better, but it’s a constant struggle.

Manage Your Sugar Cravings for Optimum Health! | The Flexi Foodie.

Another Step

In our continuous search for good health, Himself and I have made another adjustment to our diet. I have only myself to blame.

My interest in Real  Food gives me reason to learn about food policy, agriculture, paganism, and all kinds of things. It also compels me to watch lots of documentaries if it looks like it has anything to do with food. You know – Supersize Me, Food, Inc., things like that.

So it was no surprise to see something called Forks Over Knives in our movie queue.  I didn’t bother to read the synopsis – I figured it was another in the line of eat Real Food rather than industrial slog type of thing.

It wasn’t, exactly, about that.

They call it a “whole food, plant-based diet.” Which to me is just another term for veganism. I’ve never bee attracted to the vegan idea. I can go with vegetarianism, but give up cheese? Eggs? Ice cream?

I have no moral problem with using animals for food, or even clothing. Humans are as much a part of the ecosystem as any other animal and we have our place in the food web. Other animals are omnivores and so are we. It’s true we have brought it to extremes, and it’s this extreme that is wrong. We need to make many HUGE changes to the way we get our food and cut WAY down on how much food we eat, and while we’re at it, make sure that the people who don’t have enough food to eat, get their fair share. But none of that means we need to stop eating meat or other animal products altogether.

It does make sense to cut back – a lot – on the animal products we eat. Meat should certainly be something we have only occasionally and in small amounts. When we use the milk of other animals, we need to be cognizant of the fact that we are taking milk needed by that species’ young, and we should also use this sparingly. All of this means that things like cheese, butter, and ice cream would be special items, perhaps saved for special occasions. It only sounds awful because we aren’t used to it. Once it becomes familiar – and a generation grows up under those conditions, we won’t think it’s a hardship at all. It will just be normal.

So Himself and I have decided to “go vegan” with a shrug. Neither of us is willing to go all the way. Perhaps we’ll do more as we progress, but we’re starting by cutting out most meat. We’ll have fish once in a while, and still go to our favorite sushi restaurant once a month or so.  We’ll still have bacon on Sundays, but only one piece each. And so far, it looks like Himself has declared eating out to be his chance to chow down on meat. For myself, I’m trying to order vegan or at least vegetarian, when we’re out somewhere.

We can replace milk with almond milk, something I find entirely troublesome – there are not enough almonds in the world for everyone to use them in place of milk. I’ve never been a big milk drinker, so this isn’t an issue for me. But Himself likes his cereal. I do like yogurt, but for now, I’m just giving it up.

I will not replace all this stuff with soy substitutes, either. Soy is not good for us in large quantities and it’s deadly if you don’t use the organic stuff.  And I don’t like the idea of “pretending” to have a favorite food by using a substitute. If I’m going to have ice cream, it’s going to be real ice cream. Full-fat, too. Same with eggs – none of those nasty eggbeaters for me, thank you.

I usually eat eggs a couple times a week, but I don’t mind switching those out for beans or peanut butter or something. There isn’t much else I need to change about what I eat. I don’t know how this will all work out, and I am still fasting three days a week, because I still have ten or fifteen pounds to lose.

As usual, we hope eating better will continue to lower cardiac disease issues, and perhaps give us a boost of cancer prevention.  It’s going to be interesting. And I have to figure out what to do with all that meat in my freezer. But that’s a whole other post.






The State of Things as They Stand: A Debriefing

1. Weight loss. Going well, thank you. I know that fasting two days a week sounds extreme. But the missing calories only amount to 1500 – 2000 calories a week. That’s about enough to lose half a pound. Even that is not a steady loss, though. I find I drop a pound, then waver for a week or so at a pound or two above the lowest weight. Then it goes back down to the lowest point and proceeds to drop again. Rinse and repeat. It might be more consistent than it looks, but our scale is ancient and it does not provide fractions of a pound.The good news is that I’ve officially gotten below 130, meaning I’m at 128 and hope my fluctuations don’t go above 130 anymore. And that the downward trend continues.

Special occasions continue to interfere, but I refuse to not eat when I’m at a celebration. I have two graduations to attend in the next week, plus a grandchild’s birthday. We’ll be in Sacramento, then in Oceanside, so there will be family dinners. And then it’s MY birthday, on the heels of Father’s Day, wherein we’ve promised ourselves some serious ice cream. I’m going to bow to the diet by not making my German Chocolate Cake. I would make it if I was having a party with lots of people to help me eat it, but that’s not on the agenda. I suppose I could be persuaded to change my mind…

2. Writing/publishing. Yes, I’ve been working. Honest! Worlds Apart is nearing publication status. I have a tricky bit of revising to do, which I simply have no idea how to accomplish. I can see the reasoning for it, but no way of getting there. Yes, I tried pounding my head against the desk. It didn’t help.

Give me until the end of June. I think you’ll be able to buy this book by early July.

In the meantime, work on other books has come to a halt. I’m still thinking about them though.

3. The garden. We have a few veggies! Lots of little green tomatoes and some green beans. I’m pulling the beans off as they get big enough, and I’m watering/feeding the tomatoes, but hopefully not too much. I remain skeptical that they’ll actually ripen, but I’m willing to be surprised. You can see how scrawny the bush is. Can you see the little tomatoes? These are little pear-shaped ones. The other bush is my bean plant. I’m sure it’s supposed to be bigger and bushier, but I’m pleased with it.

picture004  picture005


That’s about it for around here. I know that some of you are experiencing extreme weather. I hope everyone stays safe!

What’s up for your weekend?

Can an egg a day keep the doctor away? New study says it won’t hurt. « Dr. Jen Gunter

This is a good reminder. I’m always surprised to come across people who still think that eggs are bad for you. Dr. Gunter cites a “new” study, and that’s great. I’m glad there’s another study that corroborates what we’ve known for a long time: eggs are good for you. They don’t cause heart disease.

And yes, like any food, eggs from chickens that live and eat like chickens should, are better for you than eggs from a chicken factory.

Can an egg a day keep the doctor away? New study says it won’t hurt. « Dr. Jen Gunter.