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Keeping Busy and Out of Trouble

I just finished a busy and interesting year as president of my writers club – the Mt. Diablo branch of the California Writers Club. I’ve been with this group for 7 or 8 years, and for the first few, I kept my head down. Not volunteering, not me, nope. I know what happens when you volunteer…

But my lovely and talented critique partners (you know who you are) were all members of the Tri-Valley branch, and they all held positions on the board. At various times one or the another of them was secretary or president, program chair or membership chair, etc. It was interesting listening to stories of their activities and I admit to feeling the odd twinge of guilt now and then. My branch was always asking for volunteers. I was mostly retired. Surely I could do something. 

Eventually I gave in and took over the membership chair position. I found I really enjoyed it, too. I liked being retired and I loved spending days with my husband, but I did miss the challenges and camaraderie of work. It certainly helps that everyone else on the board are nice, interesting, and amusing people. Like any volunteer organization, people come and go, but we all work together very well, I think.

After two or three years of handling the membership work, the board asked if I’d take on the presidency. It was rather abrupt – usually the vice-president steps into that job, but we were short-handed and they promised to babysit me as I learned the ropes. It took some learning, too. I’d never chaired a meeting before, or made an agenda, or facilitated between co-workers. Mostly though, it felt natural to take it all on, including running the general meetings once a month. There’s a bit of me that’s a natural ham, and public speaking is just downright fun.

I trip up now and then, especially on the details. I’m a big picture person and I often need a reminder about the little things to do. Thank goodness for my digital calendar and pop-up notifications! I’m also STILL not any good with faces and names, and being president gives me ample opportunity to embarrass myself and the poor person who’s name I can’t remember. I do recognize all the board members by now, though! In fact, here we are at our recent planning meeting for the next fiscal year:

2017 2018 CWC Board of Directors They are Judith O., Kimberley Ingalls, Lucy H., David G., Andrew B., Elisabeth T., Judith Marshall, Judith Ingram, Danard E., and Al Garrotto. Missing are Lyn R., Jill H., and Ann D. The statue is not on the board!

You probably figured out that I’m president for the upcoming year, too. I blame it all on my critique group.


We’ve Got to Stop Kindling Flames

I want to call out Time Magazine for the headline on this article: http://time.com/4154613/professor-faces-firing-over-belief-sandy-hook-was-a-hoax/

This professor was NOT fired because he believed Sandy Hook was a hoax. He was fired because he went on a campaign of harassment against the parents of one of the victims.

The media really must stop doing this kind of thing. I know they want to sell articles, but headlines like this are incendiary and irresponsible. People will read the headline and jump on a soap box about people getting fired for their beliefs when this is not at all the case. Maybe only stupid people will think that, but they’re the ones who yell the loudest and cause the most damage.

American media: Stop It. Seriously, just stop it.

Helping Kids Find Alternatives to “the Tantrum” | Evolutionary Parenting | Where History And Science Meet Parenting

Helping Kids Find Alternatives to “the Tantrum” | Evolutionary Parenting | Where History And Science Meet Parenting.

How about a few calm-down techniques for the young families out there? All part of the service.

Guest Post: The “Secret Sauce” for Peaceful Communities | Evolutionary Parenting | Where History And Science Meet Parenting

Here’s an interesting perspective on bullying. Opinions, please.

Guest Post: The “Secret Sauce” for Peaceful Communities | Evolutionary Parenting | Where History And Science Meet Parenting.

How to Be Polite — The Message — Medium

This is funny and helpful. Not necessarily in that order.

I try to be polite, just in general. I say “thank you” and “please” a lot, but more often, I don’t get the right words out before the moment is gone. But you know? We’d all have better days if everyone just looked for opportunities to be polite.

How to Be Polite — The Message — Medium.

Apple and the Self-Surveillance State – NYTimes.com

This is an interesting perspective on tech and privacy. I often think about how the rich lived during the Golden Age (thanks to my Titanic research and experiences), and yeah, those servants knew EVERYTHING. Same is still true today and I can see how new tech has and will take the place of those servants.

Like Krugman, I don’t have much to hide. Probably loss of privacy should bother me more than it does, but the biggest downside I see personally is an increased possibility of identity theft or plain-old-fashioned residential burglary. Which is Something to Consider, of course.

Apple and the Self-Surveillance State – NYTimes.com.