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A Cooking Post: Socca

I’ve found a new food that meets a lot of my criteria for Good Stuff to Eat.

Meet Socca, a crepe-like bread from Nice, France. The link I’m sharing is only one version of many on the web, and I’m not making any recommendations one way or another. Have fun and figure out your own favorite.

Here is my go-to version:


This was my breakfast. Yes, I know you’re jealous.

As I said, there are many variations for this bread and some of them can require real effort, such as folding in beaten egg whites or investing in a brick oven. All worth it, I’m sure. But it doesn’t get any easier than my version:

1/2 cup garbanzo bean flour
1/2 cup water

That’s it. Wisk it up and pour 1/4 cup of batter into a heated and greased small, iron skillet. Rotate the skillet a bit to spread the batter out, let it brown, then flip to brown on the other side.

This recipe makes three small crepes. For today, I spread mashed banana on them, then filled with the cut-up fruit you see above: 1 apricot, 3 small strawberries, 1/2 peach, and a small handful of blueberries.

That’s a lot of fruit, but it’s summer and my CSA box is full of the lovely, fresh, organic stuff, and I take advantage.

Disclosure Note: if you want to sign up with my CSA, Farm Fresh to You, you can use my code, MARL2337, and get $15 off your first delivery. Yes, I get a bonus, too…

I also like to use these crepes to hold a salad of any vegetables I feel like tossing together, along with a shot of Sriracha Sauce or a squeeze of lemon and salt and pepper. Garbanzo flour is high in protein and fiber: 21 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber in 1/2 cup. This recipe is low in calories too: 180 calories, not counting the calories in the butter used to grease the pan.

So that’s pretty much a full meal up there folks. For today, I just need to add veggies!

Try it and let me know what you think.

What’s one of your favorite go-to foods?






Eat This While You Read That: Lee and Miller – Cedar Writes

Here’s a post featuring my favorite author team, their books, and a favorite character’s favorite food. A favorable post!


A couple of weeks ago I featured a lowly, plebian sandwich on ETWYRT. Today’s recipe is pretty much the exact opposite of the zombie apocalypse grilled cheese. I really enjoy the Liaden serie…

Source: Eat This While You Read That: Lee and Miller – Cedar Writes

Cooking Post: St. Patrick’s Day and the Author is Amiss

Spring is here, it only awaits the official moment of the equinox in a few days. With the lengthening and warming days comes the happy celebration of the Irish. Long-time readers of this blog will know I hold no esteem for St. Patrick himself, but I love the Irish from deep in my soul. There is no way I can ignore the day (tomorrow) when everybody in the world claims the bit of Irish blood coursing in their veins or imaginations.

My own claim is somewhere around half, with that part of me sharing a small mixture with Scots, English, and um, Cherokee. Very sparse, that last one.

Like any special day, my celebratory bent is toward food and drink. Decorations are nice, but mostly beyond my ability. So I set the table with my Irish lace tablecloth (we bought it on our first trip to Ireland in 2003) and the shamrock napkins leftover from some party many years ago. Then I concentrate on food.

The happy day itself is tomorrow, but we have non-Irish plans previously made, which is okay, it just means I must celebrate early. And twice, since I can still wear my Irish socks and earrings tomorrow. It’s the little things.

So today I’m cooking, and that’s where I made a disconcerting discovery. I somehow misplaced the recipe for my very favorite Irish Soda Bread. I discovered this late last night and simply could not go to bed until I’d found it. How could I lose it? My mind was blank. I couldn’t even remember where the recipe originated. I was pretty sure it wasn’t one of my cookbooks, although I did look through my Irish Food and Cooking and Celtic Folklore Cooking. Of course, I got caught up in all the great recipes in those books, so it took me a while to escape them.

Was it in my file cabinet of recipes from my chef days? That felt right, but when I looked in the Bread file, it was empty, due to a frustrated purge of paper I engaged in a year or so ago. Seriously, if you saw this place you’d understand.

Well, I couldn’t believe that under any circumstances that I would have thrown away that recipe. It was here somewhere. Or on my computer, which was my next attack.

Nope, not on Evernote. Well surely, I blogged about it at some point. But a search of my blog did not yield anything for terms of soda bread. How could that be? I’ve been blogging for over ten years and I don’t have a single post on Irish soda bread?

Yes, this is why I’m posting now. How dare I fail to do that?

But… not on my blog. Did I get the recipe from Bob’s Red Mill? Cooking Light?

Cooking Light was a possibility – I had a vague impression of holding a torn-out page from a magazine. But that page would have been in my Bread file. Sadly, Cooking Light’s website is a nightmare to navigate due to all the ads, and I didn’t feel strong enough to tackle it last night.

But THEN I remembered! The bread recipe was part of a St. Patrick’s appetizer page along with a salmon topping. As such, it wouldn’t have been in my Bread file – it would be under Appetizers. So back to the file cabinet and YES – there it was! Whew!

It is indeed a Cooking Light recipe and you can find it here, although they may demand that you join up or sign your life away or something. Truly awful website. The bread’s True Name is Brown Soda Bread, and it’s made with whole wheat flour, steel-cut oats and a bit of brown sugar. It’s AWESOME bread and it makes great toast, too.

So that will be my Irish treat today, along with a simple braised chicken more-or-less taken from Irish Food and Cooking. This will not be a Vegan day. After dinner libations will be an Irish Flag Shooter.


Oh, and now I have soda bread, and the LINK to my favorite soda bread recipe, right here on my website. I will now be able to find it, always. But since I don’t trust Cooking Light to always let me access this particular recipe since I no longer subscribe to their magazine, I’m scanning said recipe into my computer. It will be on Evernote. I’m also adding it to my Yummly account.

And I’m keeping the torn-out page in my file forever.

Happy Spring, and may your souls always be Irish!


So Many Recipes, So Little Time

I love food and I love to cook. Such is my lot in life. I’ve been on a recipe rampage lately. Everywhere I go on the web, I see lovely food porn videos and photographs, which feeds my addiction and leaves me wanting more. The irony is that since I’m trying to lose weight I can’t eat half of what I see. Maybe most of what I see.

Fruit, gourds, and wheat berries are a winner for me.

Recently, I signed up with Yummly.com as an online place to store recipes I want to try. It seems to work pretty well, letting me create a link to recipe on any site. I also store recipe links on Evernote, but in general, I’m trying to migrate everything over to Yummly.


And cookbooks! I’ve bought so many e-cookbooks over the last year that I can’t even remember what I have. That’s one of the drawbacks to e-readers – I have an ancient Kindle and the books all get lost in the list, and there’s no good way to search unless I remember the title or author. That’s doesn’t happen. I did find that the latest version of Kindle for PC will let me create collections so I’ve put all my cookbooks into one folder. That helps.

But here’s the thing. Between all my various programs, and all the websites I frequent, (not to mention the hard copies of cookbooks that I have, along with my file of recipes from my personal chef days), I have access to probably 10,000 recipes. That’s before I go to Google and type in something I’m looking for.

Yeast bread is always a challenge for me.
Soups and chilies are great for rainy winter nights.

This is ridiculous. There’s no way anyone needs 10,000 recipes. Plus, let me be honest. There’s often a lot of similarity in recipes. There are only so many variations for eggplant parmesan for instance, and most of those variations make very little difference in the final dish. I keep thinking that I should just settle on ten or twenty recipes that I like and cook those. I’m wasting half my life looking through recipes!

Except for the enjoyment I get from it, and the fun I have when I indulge my sense of adventure in the kitchen. Is that a waste?

I don’t know. I do know my addiction is no danger of being conquered. At best, maybe I’ll slow down a bit. I do have a few recipes I make more than once. For instance, yesterday I made this awesome Brussels sprouts salad, and today I’m making this more-than-hummus dish, which I may pair with the salad in a whole-wheat hamburger bun. Both of these are favorites.

I guess I’ll continue to be a food junkie. I’ll continue eating healthful food in small portions and keep trying to (mostly) resist the sweet stuff.

What about all of you? I know some of you have cooking blogs of your own and some of you hate to even enter the kitchen. You all have to eat. What’s your go-to style and favorite foods?

A Cooking Post: What’s in the Frig Warm Salad

Let’s step away from the heavy issues long enough to get dinner ready. I’m still going vegan, er… plant-based, which let me assure you, are not quite the same things.

Last week’s CSA box brought enough food that I’m still trying to use it up. Today, my concern has turned toward the fresh green beans. Delivered to me within a day or two of harvest, they’ve been in my frig for a week. Time to use them.

But use them how? As a side to meat and potatoes? Of course not. Well… green bean casserole? Sure, provided I can make a vegan-based cream base with mushrooms. But I already used the mushrooms and I’m not into fake vegan food pretending it’s from an animal.

Meaning no soy milk or anything.

Ha, but Google came to the rescue. There was thiswhich got my gears turning. Believe it or not, it came via “Southern Cooking,” despite it’s Mediterranean flair.

Using what I had on hand, I first soaked and cooked a batch of Lima beans. Let me tell you, that’s different. All my life I hated Lima beans. I think we got them from cans or something, but yech. But the CSA, darn them, sent me a bag of dried Lima beans and I needed to use them. I wasn’t as afraid of  this idea as I might have been, thanks to my previous experience with black-eyed peas. I had a sneaky suspicion I would end up enjoying the Lima beans, and by golly, I was right. They were fine!

So I now have cooked Lima beans. I then put on a pot of water to cook some whole grain pasta. At the 8-minute mark, I added the green beans for a two-minute blanch, and a thinly sliced leek for one-minute. I put all this into a large bowl with a couple of cups of the Lima beans, and a potpourri of other refrigerator and pantry items that seemed like a good fit with the basic recipe: a jar of marinated artichoke hearts, some capers, several chopped, fancy olives from Whole Foods Olive Bar, some Pale Ale Mustard, and red wine vinegar. A little salt brought it all together.


It was very good. Some roasted red pepper would look pretty and add a deeper flavor. Maybe next time.

Now I just need to use up the beets and beet greens.

Why chicken soup when ill? – Contra Costa Times

Have some good news. Note the list of ingredients he includes. Also note that chicken soup is good for asthma.

I would add to make it a hot and sour soup to really clear out those membranes.  Besides… yum.

Why chicken soup when ill? – Contra Costa Times.