Starting Again

I can't believe my last post was THREE years ago. Guess I was really ready for a break, right? It's hard to drag yourself back... 3... Three years ago, my world was bright. Oh sure, I was concerned about my country and its current path, about the planet and how humans would handle the coming …

Matter, Mass, Reality. Hope You Like Onions

Here's a link for you: I can't say that I actually understood it all, but it was fun to read. Matter matters, of course, but energy is the heart of the matter. So to speak. Read the comments, too. There are some good observations by people smarter than me.  

National Service?

This article in the NYT was interesting. Mind you, I have nothing but derision for Kelly's attitude toward the American people he's supposed to be serving, but he's got the right idea with a national service. I agree. I think we should have a national service in which all Americans, except for the most seriously …

From Marion Nestle: What Fruits and Vegetables do Americans Eat?

I almost linked this post straight to Facebook. I've been doing that too much lately, bypassing my own blog. It's either lack of sleep or plain laziness. So here's the link to Dr. Nestle's post: It's an eye-opener. People, there are far more vegetables than tomatoes, corn, and potatoes. Oranges, apples, and bananas are NOT …

Healthcare: How to Get There from Here

This article, We all Want Healthcare to Cost Much Less - But We are Asking the Wrong Questions, by Joe Flower, is just about perfect in its analysis of the problem. I encourage everyone to read it. I have always believed that we need health CARE, as opposed to health INSURANCE. This has led me …

Oh My, Look at the Time

I'm on the third night of Very Poor Sleep. I've been awake since 2:00, just like last night. Yes, I tried meditating, counting my slow, deep breaths, muscle relaxation, and pretty much anything else they claim is useful. I don't drink coffee after 10:00 a.m. and I almost never drink alcohol anymore. I don't/can't nap …

Seeking Solace

May we always help each other…

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

Today is the big day. An new era full of uncertainty starts with the inauguration of Donald Trump.

God save the Republic.

I firmly believe it is critical to take the long view on this, since we are about to settle in for what is likely to be a tumultuous four years. We will have to pick our battles, declare victory where we can, and always keep our eyes on the prize. For this reason, and to keep our sanity, the wisdom of the ancients should be a primary source of comfort. Today’s readings are from the Tao Te Ching, as translated by Stan Rosenthal.

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