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Creativity goes up with ‘alpha wave’ stimulation – Futurity

Now this is interesting. Turns out all that daydreaming I’ve done is good for me. Actually, I knew that already. All of my books are heavily influenced by daydreams I’ve had for years.

Now I have writer’s block, big time. And you know what? I don’t daydream anymore. My daydreams always came from a place of loneliness, longing, and ambition. These days, my life is too good. There’s no desperation pushing at me to find a path out of my current situation, or to accomplish what everyone told me I couldn’t. Except for my tendency to worry, I have very few problems to solve. Maybe it’s time to embrace those crazy worries and see if I can fix them. Maybe then I can finish a book.

Creativity goes up with ‘alpha wave’ stimulation – Futurity.

A New ‘Wrinkle in Time’ – WSJ

Here’s an awesome article about a lost passage from “A Wrinkle in Time,” by Madeleine L’Engle. This book was my gateway book to science fiction and fantasy. I read it when I was in 4th grade and I never looked back.

The lost passage sounds fascinating, although from a writer’s perspective, I can understand why it was cut. It’s one of those scenes that feel like the author is telling you what she’s told you. A bit heavy-handed. I cut lots of scenes like that from my books.

“Too hard for kids?” Not at all!

A New ‘Wrinkle in Time’ – WSJ.

How to Be Polite — The Message — Medium

This is funny and helpful. Not necessarily in that order.

I try to be polite, just in general. I say “thank you” and “please” a lot, but more often, I don’t get the right words out before the moment is gone. But you know? We’d all have better days if everyone just looked for opportunities to be polite.

How to Be Polite — The Message — Medium.

Apple and the Self-Surveillance State –

This is an interesting perspective on tech and privacy. I often think about how the rich lived during the Golden Age (thanks to my Titanic research and experiences), and yeah, those servants knew EVERYTHING. Same is still true today and I can see how new tech has and will take the place of those servants.

Like Krugman, I don’t have much to hide. Probably loss of privacy should bother me more than it does, but the biggest downside I see personally is an increased possibility of identity theft or plain-old-fashioned residential burglary. Which is Something to Consider, of course.

Apple and the Self-Surveillance State –

Pro-Choice Advocates On Radical Kansas Abortion Law: ‘We’ve Never Seen This Language Before’

Bad, bad, bad.

I had a D&E many years ago when I miscarried at 20 weeks. When are people going to stop voting these dangerous men into office?

Pro-Choice Advocates On Radical Kansas Abortion Law: ‘We’ve Never Seen This Language Before’.

St James Ethics Centre – The Ethics Centre

This is part two of an ethics debate regarding a pregnant woman’s right (or not) to make her own medical decisions. I think everyone knows where I stand on this debate, and this post very nicely explains it. Read part one for the “other side” of the argument.

St James Ethics Centre – The Ethics Centre.

Beneath California Crops, Groundwater Crisis Grows –

Here’s the thing: No matter how many “rights” farmers have to the water, no matter how much the country depends on crops from California, and no matter how many Californians work in agriculture…

…when the water is gone, it’s gone.

I am an extremely cynical person, and I think we’ll reach that point sooner than we imagine.  We’ve been doing all the wrong things for decades and we aren’t serious yet about truly changing anything.

When the water is gone, it’s gone.

Beneath California Crops, Groundwater Crisis Grows –

“The Great Turning” by Joanna Macy


I want to read this in-depth and really think about it. I think she’s got the right idea.

Originally posted on Humanistic Paganism:

We continue with our April theme, Nature, with words from Joanna Macy.  This was originally published in twoparts on Joanna Macy’s website, All Beings.

The Great Turning

The Great Turning is a name for the essential adventure of our time: the shift from the industrial growth society to a life-sustaining civilization.

The ecological and social crises we face are inflamed by an economic system dependent on accelerating growth. This self-destructing political economy sets its goals and measures its performance in terms of ever-increasing corporate profits–in other words by how fast materials can be extracted from Earth and turned into consumer products, weapons, and waste.

A revolution is underway because people are realizing that our needs can be met without destroying our world. We have the technical knowledge, the communication tools, and material resources to grow enough food, ensure clean air and water, and meet rational energy needs. Future generations…

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