In Our Garden: ARCTOSTAPHYLOS, aka Manzanita

Manzanita is a favorite of both of us. We love the soft, smooth, red wood and the happy contrasting green leaves. They flower as well, although I’m not sure I’ve seen that. However, now that we have 24 of these gorgeous plants in our yard, I’m sure I’ll see the flower eventually! Manzanitas can vary in height, from a small 1 foot to the tree-size 7 or 8 feet. We have five varieties planted and it will interesting to see their differences. Right now, as usual, I can’t quite tell which plant is which, based on internet photos. I’m not even sure that I’ve taken pictures of each distinct variety. I did identify two of them… I think. Here’s what I have. What do you think?

Manz1, October 2015
Manz1, October 2015
Manz2 October 2015
Manzanita Howard McMinn October 2015
Manz3 October 2015
Manz3 October 2015
Manz4 October 2015
Manzanita Winterglow October 2015

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