40% of women get unindicated antibiotics in GYN surgery

This is very important information. I’m thinking of my daughters and their friends, in particular.

Dr. Jen Gunter

Preventing infection after surgery is very important as not only are these infections often uncomfortable and make you feel very sick, but they also increase the risk of more serious complications for example, if you are less mobile because of an infection after surgery you are at higher risk for a blood clot or if you need a prolonged hospitalization because of an infection in your surgical wound you are at risk of catching another infection while you are in the hospital. On average an infection related to surgery add four days of hospitalization. Some people will die either directly from the infection or indirectly (for example, from the second infection resistant to most antibiotics that they caught while re-admitted to the hospital with a wound infection). These infections are also costly, a single post operative infection ads on average $10,000 to the surgical price tag.

Antibiotics can help prevent…

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