Hello again and happy news…

Jack’s story is full of hope for anybody who is racing to the bottom. Yes, luck plays a huge role, but I love what she did with the luck she got.

Cooking on a Bootstrap

I just wanted to write a short note to say hello, I’m still here, cooking and writing, but the past few weeks have been so manic with a certain small person starting school, and a new book to finalise, that I’ve scarcely had time to tie up all of my jobs, let alone do any fun things like blogging!

So with so much time snailing on past, there’s bound to be some news – and I just wanted to scribble a little update before I start unleashing recipes again.

Firstly, I have a brand new book coming out in about 3 weeks – the result of many bleary-eyed nights of my head down at the kitchen table, collating a whole bunch of things that I’ve cooked over the last year and typing them up, along with the anecdotes and stories and a few exciting non-food-related things that I’ve managed to…

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