Working On Vacation: Goodreads Giveaway Winners

The Goodreads Giveaway for Worlds Apart ended yesterday, with over 1100 people entering. Grateful Author, here. Thanks to everyone who entered.

And the winners are:

Linda Harrison of Nashville, TN
Erica Mitchell of Clifford, IN
Sarah Meyer of Philadelphia, PA

They each win a signed copy of Worlds Apart. Don’t worry ladies, I brought the books and envelopes with me. I’ll mail them to you from the Grand Canyon!

I hope a lot of you got to participate in the Sci-Fi / Fantasy Event over the weekend. It’s finished now, and there’ll be another winner from that event, this time of a copy of Shipbuilder.

This must be the season of summer fun, because this Saturday, Worlds Apart is featured in an interview over at I’ll post that interview as soon as it’s live!

In vacation news, we return to the canyon today, by car rather than train. This time, I’ll try some hiking. Not very far probably. Going down is one thing. Getting back up is a whole ‘nother story.

Dotterers at GC


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