Solstice Menu

A friend of mine had the coolest idea for summer solstice. I want to share it with you and expand on it. Strictly for fun.

Lani Longshore is a master of whimsey, whether it’s quilting, writing, or theater. The ideas just seem to flow from her. So for solstice, she suggested creating a menu based on properties of the nine… er, eight planets. Well, it wasn’t my idea, but I’m going to steal it. Jump in with your own suggestions!

Mercury: Let’s see… iron core. In fact, the largest iron core relative to its size in the solar system. So something with iron.

Grilled Steak

Venus: Do we use the lovely morning star or the violent, baked atmosphere? I’m going for the greenhouse monster.

Molten lava cake

Earth: An embarrassment of riches, right? How do I narrow it down? Well, our water oceans are unique.

Shrimp cocktail

Mars: This one’s easy. It’s red. I’d say red wine, but this is summer solstice and cool whites go better with most summer food.

Strawberry Bellini

Jupiter: Not sure I want to go here. I mean, big and gaseous, right? Heavy. Layered. Only one thing fits. Don’t forget the tortilla chips!

Seven-layer Bean Dip

Saturn: Oh, those rings. Yes, first I thought of onion rings, but no. Then I thought of wreaths and found the perfect thing. This website pretends this is a Christmas salad, but everything in it shouts, “Summer!”

Berry Wreath

Uranus: it’s lovely and blue, but… sigh. So is Neptune.  Ah, but Uranus is sideways! How about a cold soup?


Neptune: We’ve used Earth’s oceans, so King Neptune will have to sit back. But this planet is an ice giant and we need something to go with that lava cake. Summer screams for

Ice cream

Any other ideas?


One thought on “Solstice Menu”

  1. Mazel tov! I love the berry wreath! As for Pluto, I’d say make something you know you don’t need but can’t give up anyway – chocolate chip cookies with M&Ms to go with that ice cream, for example.

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