Free Reads

I’ve joined a site called Libboo. They’re a new book promotion agency, and yes, my books will shortly be up over there for everybody to fawn over. In the meantime, I have two! ebooks to give away.

Lucky for you people, they are MY books. No, this time you get something different from me.

Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook by Gina Meyers


Excessive Entanglement by Nick Darbeloff

The cookbook is easy enough to understand. Excessive Entanglement is science fiction. Check out the links and let me know if you want one of the books. I only have one free copy of each to give away, so the first two people to ask for one of them wins. So if the four people ask for the cookbook and the fifth asks for EE, persons #1 and #5 get the books. No fair asking for both!

I’ll send you a link so you can download the book. The race is on!


One thought on “Free Reads”

  1. The Excessive Entanglement sounds interesting. Would love to have it. Have looked at it on Amazon and says a different author then you have listed.

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