Lovely, Lovely Rain

It’s been a long time since we’ve had this much rain all at once. Since Friday night, we’ve had showers, and starting yesterday afternoon, it’s been a steady, soft downpour.

I missed it, all these months, in what is supposed to be our wet season. I love the sound of the drops, the clean smell in the air, the muted light that surrounds everything, and the cheery green of our redwoods and newly planted vegetables as they open to the moisture.

I know to some people, it’s cold and gloomy. I hope the knowledge that we need the rain for water and food is enough to help them bear it. It won’t last long. Soon the rain will be gone until next fall – perhaps as long as November, although I always hope for it sooner. Keep in mind that this rain will make the next days of spring even brighter and more colorful, because the plants will be healthier.

The rain fills me with hope, and my soul is drinking it up. I hope that is healthier in the coming days, as well.


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