7/7 Blog Challenge in Which the Writer Tries to Catch Up

My friends are a kind and patient bunch. My Baycon cohort, Sandra Saidek, has learned the necessity of this the hard way. Sandy asked me a few weeks ago if I wanted to participate in her 7/7 Blog Challenge. Of course, I was delighted to do it, but right about then, all hell broke lose with one of my kids and my time was sucked into the vortex of worry, babysitting, hospital visits, and general parenting angst.

The “kid” in question is 36 years old. Parenting never ends, folks. You heard it here, first. And yes, she’s going to be all right, thank-you-for-asking, although it will be a long haul.

But! Sandy’s message kept blinking at me every time I opened my email, and at long last, I am fulfilling my obligation. I’m pedaling as fast as I can!

The 7/7 blog challenge means I open a current WIP, and post 7 lines beginning with the 7th line on page 7. Or page 77. Then I tag 7 other authors who get their turn. Good times for all.

Sandy’s post is here.

I’m going to cheat a little for my entry, but Sandy said I could, so it’s all right. I do have a few WIPs, plus a new book coming out this summer. But for now, I want to give a push to Moon Over Donamorgh, which came out in December. From page 7, we get Tessa’s memory of her childish perceptions of the fairy Bashen.

As her household approached the dinner hour, Tessa sat in her office,
jumbled thoughts preventing her from getting any work done. I could never
sell Durry Woods. I was just a child when we passed through it, but I know I belong there. Her lips twitched in response to her anxiety. Everyone is convinced I imagined that creature in the trees. 

A fairy, she’d called it, not knowing exactly what it was. To her young eyes, he appeared a tiny, misshapen man with long, perky ears and too-big eyes. He had short brown fur that seemed to shimmer as he faded in and out of the branches.

I hereby anoint these 7 folks for their own 7/7 challenge. “Tag, you’re it!”

Anna Kashina
Rhonda Garcia
Kary English
Susan Elizabeth Curnow
Tam Lindsey
Judith Marshall
Sean Patrick Hazlett




4 Replies to “7/7 Blog Challenge in Which the Writer Tries to Catch Up”

  1. So glad things are going a little better with your daughter. I wish her a speedy recovery and you peace and return to good times. Now I’m off to do my part! *Rushes to Blog*

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