In Which the Writer is Blurry-Eyed

I would point out that I am somewhat sleep-deprived today, after two nights of agitation, texting, phone calls, and high emotion. But I got off easy and cannot possibly complain. The real work of the last 48 hours was done by my daughter, who wins the blue ribbon miles ahead of everybody else. Second place goes to her husband, who kept pace with water and back rubs. I’m somewhere far off in the peanut gallery of supporters.

You can probably guess: they had a baby. A real cutie, if I may be so bold to say. His name is Chase.

Chase is born









We are thrilled he’s here. Since he is many miles away, I won’t see him until around Christmas.  Until then, pictures will have to do.

And Skype.

In a perfect universe, Skype would have been created on the 6th day before anybody got to go to bed.


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