Fall Off Your Broom: Week 1

I have to give this week’s progress report with a caveat.  Just not the way you’re thinking.

When I started this, I’d just returned from vacation where I gained three pounds. My usual pattern is that once I get home and get back to my normal eating and exercise, those pounds go away in just a few days.

So the fact that I can report I lost 4 pounds this week, does not mean very much.

Except that those extra pounds are gone. That’s good.

One of my goals was to start using smaller plates for my meals. I’ve been doing this, especially at dinner. I’m eating less and so far, I’m not missing it.

This week I earned 24 Photobucket for exercising. That’s one Photobucket for every 15 minutes.

I did not do so well on the Elements portion of this challenge. I did spend more time outside, but not much. Still, I’ve started the winter garden, and I repotted my blueberry plants.

Air and Spirit: I didn’t meditate even once. And no breathing practice.

Water: I swam on Tuesday but not Thursday, because I DID NOT sleep on Wednesday night. Pfft.

Fire: well, the desire is still there. I’m ambivalent about losing any weight this week, because usually, once the extra vacation pounds are gone, I don’t lose anymore. We’ll see if the small plates make a difference.

My goals remain the same for the next week.


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