Add Milk and Stir. The Art of Keeping Up

I feel like I need to make it up to you for my last cry-baby post. I don’t really expect all of life to smell like roses. What fun would that be?

Today, I have made waffles, cleaned the family room and guest bathroom (childbirth class tonight), and wrote a tweet. I really need to tweet more, like once a month or so. I can’t promise to ever figure out when I’m going to read anyone else’s tweets, but I’m working on it. Honestly, how is that even DONE?

I still need to do the breakfast dishes, today should be a gym day, I must stop at the grocery store for milk, and get my lesson together for tonight. I should also make muffins for the class. Tonight’s the last class in the series, and I like to send them away with muffins filled with flaxseeds and other things that will build up their milk supply. But I forgot about the muffins, didn’t plan for them, so I don’t have apples or carrots, which are essential. Which means I need to get to the store early today. It occurs to me that I need milk for the muffins, too.

It’s one of those days.

I’m not whining! I’m just busy.

Yesterday I started a new novel, which is silly, considering I have several novels started that need to be finished. But that’s how it is. I find that I have to begin work on a new idea in order to get it established. If I just make a list of wannabe projects, I never get to them. I think it’s part of my aversion to a blank page. As long as the page is blank, it’s likely to stay that way. But if I can get something on the page, then I’ll go back to it. Eventually.

I am, unfortunately, a slow writer. No matter that the current publishing climate demands two or more novels a year. I can’t do it, and if that means I never make a million bucks at this, it’s okay. Part of why I’m doing this gig is because I enjoy it. I don’t mind the stress that comes with it, but I’m not going to force myself in constant misery trying to meet a standard that doesn’t make sense for me.

What about you? How fast or slow do you churn out the works? What’s your level of comfort?




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