Other Writers: Women in SF and Fantasy

Jim Hines manages to be both hilariously funny and poignant at the same time when he demonstrates the improbability of the human body actually posing like the female characters on SF&F book covers. And he didn’t even have to do it top-heavy.

It’s too good to pass up. If you haven’t seen it, go look.

4 thoughts on “Other Writers: Women in SF and Fantasy”

  1. Go, Jim! Jesus, that was funny, and very brave of Jim to put it all out there, his bod for all to see right next to some smokin’ babe. Very impressive, very funny. A good end of the evening after a long day laugh, so thank you.
    And thanks for responding and your detailed thoughts/suggestions on the Shewrites page. Much appreciated.

  2. Jim Hines was fantastic. I feel bad for the pain he experienced afterwards. Can’t even imagine how many stretches, pulls or hip shimmies it took to get into some of those poses.
    But he definitely proced his point. Strength can be better conveyed on some book covers but it’s obvious what sells…sexy strength.

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