A Low-Cal Dessert

From the cooking blog, February 2010

 It’s a little weird, but it’s good
Chocolate Cottage Cheese

Look at it this way – it can’t hurt, can it?

I put 2 teaspoons of dark cocoa powder (the real stuff, not chocolate milk mix,)


1 or 2 teaspoons of sugar in 1/2 cup of lowfat cottage cheese. 

I know, I know. Sugar. Is. Bad.

I know. So use the smaller amount. If you’re like me, you like your chocolate dark and sort of bitter, anyway.

For fun, throw in some vanilla, or rum extract. Or heck, if it’s a fancy dessert, throw in rum. Or Kahlua or Amaretto. Just half a teaspoon or so.

I ran the numbers, and this dessert comes to:

128 calories
16 g. protein
2 g. fat
12 g. carbohydrates
2 g. fiber

I think that’s great for a dessert. And a real boost to your protein for the day, if you need that.

If you want to be really good, have just 1/4 cup in a fancy glass. You’ll halve the calories.


4 thoughts on “A Low-Cal Dessert”

  1. Loreena makes a desert/snack out of homemade soy yogurt, sugar free syrup, cocoa powder (like you used), and Fit Nutz http://fitnutzbutter.com/ It’s got a sweet peanut butter/chocolate taste, but is healthy. Sometimes she mixes in Fiber 1 cereal for crunch and more substance.

    I’m not sure about the exact numbers, but like yours, low in fat, low in sugar, high in protein.

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