Proofs and Babies

The second proof has arrived! It looks wonderful. I still need to read through it. Will you understand when I say that I am so sick of reading this novel? I know that sounds awful, and of course, it doesn’t mean I don’t think my book is any good. I love my book. But you try reading the same novel over and over and over again in the span of a few weeks.

And over and over again. It gets old, people.

Okay, whining is done. The real danger is that it’s so easy to miss mistakes because your brain stops seeing it, after a while. This is not Reading for Pleasure. It’s work. But that’s okay.

Tomorrow, we go on vacation. I’m taking The Book with me, but we have grandchildren to visit, including Ethan, the newest addition to family. I haven’t seen older brother Joshua since he was seven months old. He’s two-and-a-half years, now. I am way overdue.

Awww moment: here’s the big guy with his cousin and brand-new brother.

When I talked to Joshua on the phone, I told him we could make cookies when I come to visit. He said, “Yes, please.”

Grandmas have fun.


One thought on “Proofs and Babies”

  1. Hell, yeah. I’ve published two books and you simply can’t read the damn thing one more time….which is why “first readers” and editors are essential. Even then, you’ll miss stuff.

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