If ye know how to cook bacon, it’s not so hard to cook potatoes, too, is it?

Sunday morning, I went outside to get the paper, and found a woman in my yard pulling weeds. My first thought was, “the neighbors are so pissed about all our weeds, they’ve started pulling them for us!”

But no. She was picking the dandelions to take home to eat. And was quite relieved when I knew exactly what she was talking about, told her I ate them myself, and set about pulling a few for my own dinner. I also told her she was welcome to take all she wanted, whenever she needed.

The moment thrilled me for a lot of reasons. One is that I just don’t have any friends in this neighborhood, and I’m always hoping to find one. I don’t know if we’ll be friends, but we’re the same age, with grown children and grandchildren, and evidently have the same ideas about food and herbs. Her name is Soon. I hope we get to chat more.

Her food knowledge is another reason I was thrilled. To my husband, dandelions are weeds. He knows the leaves occasionally show up in his salads, but he’s really uncomfortable about eating them. Also, they can be bitter and he doesn’t like that. But this woman knew a lot about the plant I didn’t, such as the whole thing is edible. I thought it was just the leaves, but you can eat the stems, root, and flowers, too. The whole plant is loaded with nutrition.

And we dump them by the bucketful into the yard waste container!

Even knowing all this, I still have too many dandelions for us to eat. So I’m delighted a neighbor will help. And I’m cooking some dandelion stems for dinner.


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